Beatrice B


FW 2018-19

Colour and its many accents are the heroes of the new Fall/Winter 2018 BEATRICE B collection,
which is as harmonious, complex and assured as the women it’s dedicated to.

Lapis blue finds new ways to talk about the “Pied de poule” check of garments like the waist-dress and the coupled maxi trench. Tweeds and chocolate floral prints endow dresses with strength, elegance and vivacity. Camel tone outerwear and Teddy-bear fur accessories fuse sophistication with halcyon to reinvent the moment. Lapis high-neck jumpers and maxi cardigans in kid mohair with lurex details speak of classical and avant-garde. 
It’s easy to listen.

Royal purple, chocolate and gold fusion sublimate an elegant past into an eternal present. The soul of the ‘grunge contaminated’ tartan maxi coat is saved by the yellow top with black lace; the violet velvet suit; macro floral prints interpreted by sinuous boot-cut trousers; and deconstructed jackets and shirts with black details.

Stamina Orange and Raspberry combine to give flowing, floral patterned dresses and turtlenecks with sophisticated, geometric inlays in Merinos wool a timeless character. Feather details and flowing dresses in colour-degraded velvet look and feel vintage. But contemporary elements like the jacket-pants suit, the orange waistcoat and the viscose pinstripe knits are all about the busy urban and relaxed rural here and now.

Together at last, red and fuchsia run riot in ironic avant-garde combinations. Memphis style geometric prints endow dressing gowns and flowing blouses with freethinking character. Talk about Merino wool with macro colour-block and needlepoint on cashmere blend (everyone else is). The fuchsia velvet on curled dresses balances Very Berry with subtle, hand-made embroideries.

Fluid shapes, sophisticated fabrics and fine details create natural charisma. Silk garments are enhanced by vertical striped wool, and smocked stitch curls that big-up sleeve volumes. Turquoise and green corner dots make slipped blouses, dresses and longuette skirts deliciously ironic. Printed floral velvet is emblematic of the richness and elegance of our heritage. It is now updated and celebrated with deconstructed and gentle shapes.
Flower print on silk twill gives classic, wearable shirts panache. Metallic or colour-block pleated skirts, slip-dresses and velvet teal longuette dresses contrast perennial lace and velvet with modern fabrics and smart functionality.

Elegant indigo ink tones dovetail with brave geometrical designs. Linear prints on capricious silk express minimalism and peerless taste. Simply: the mood remasters knitwear. Luxury merino wool with fabric inserts. Oversize mixed alpaca and kid mohair cloaks with lurex details. Handmade embroideries that explore geometry and celebrate floral designs.
Plain colours become eye candy thanks to the monochrome tone-block. Uptown, everyday dresses, pinstriped jerseys and maxi jackets covered in blue-silver sequins
. . . Here and now, high-impact and functionality collide.
The result? A collection of refined, eclectic aesthetics for anytime anywhere.